About Sweet November Jewelry

I started my shop with the hope of sharing my unique jewelry with people who are tired of seeing the same pieces of mass produced jewelry on everyone else.
As all of my pieces are handmade from start to finish, each piece has its own one of a kind uniqueness. I take immense pride in each piece I make and hope its new owner will be proud to own it.

There's something special about owning something that has been hand crafted, and I want to share that philosophy with everyone.

What I love most about handmade is the honesty that goes into each piece. It is as real as the artist, and no machine will ever be able to replicate that personal touch.

Struggling to find simple but unique jewelry pieces, I decided to learn the skills to design and make my own. Simple and clean lines, not too fussy and comfortable to wear all day.

I choose to use recycled copper and Australian recycled sterling silver whenever possible.

My customers are my most important priority, and I will go out of my way to make sure that they are happy to have chosen to purchase my jewelry.

Thank you