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3 mm Ball Backless Earrings in Sterling Silver

3 mm Ball Backless Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Single or Pair

New larger size 3 mm ball silver backless earrings, when worn they give the illusion of wearing an ear jacket, but it is one piece of jewelry. The best thing about them is they don't require a back clasp to wear them, so they are super comfortable to wear even when sleeping.

They are easy to put in, just slip the end into your ear, and work it through so that the ball sits at the front and the loop is sitting flush at the back of the ear lobe. You can also turn it so that the loop sits behind the lobe and it appears that you have a small silver ball stud, but with no uncomfortable post sticking out.

These sterling silver backless earrings are hand made one at a time, the little 3 mm ball is hand melted, so each will have a very tiny difference in appearance. If you require any adjustments just let me know prior to purchase.
Available to purchase as a single earring or a pair

The earrings measure 10 mm round for the circle part, the ball is approx. 3 to 3.5 mm round and the hoop is the standard 0.8 mm in thickness, so is suitable for regular ear piercings. They are made from genuine 925 sterling silver only.

If you want your earrings customized just let me know.

Hand crafted by me and shipped from Australia


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